BioCompatibility Innovation (BCI) is a companyfounded in 2014 and regularly registered in theItalian National Register of Innovative Start-ups.BCI operates in the biomedical and biotechnologyfields and has focused mainly on the developmentof new technologies for the improvement of thebiocompatibility degree of biological implantablemedical devices and food from animal origins.

Biocompatibility improvements of bioprosthetic tissues

With particular reference to biological implantable biomedical devices,BCI has made its efforts in the field of bioprosthetic heart valvessubstitutes (BHVs). BCI designed and developed two patented processes forthe treatment of soft animal tissues currently used to BHVs manufacturewith the aim to increase their duration. The treatment called FACTA iseffective for the inactivation of a particular antigenic epitope: thealpha-Gal molecule. Such xenogeneic antigen resulted present in mammaliananimal tissues (except in humans and higher primates) and is responsiblefor the onset of dystrophic phenomena that affect the behaviour ofcommercially available BHVs, limiting their life to about 10/12 yearsfrom the implant thus obliging both surgeons to a repetitive replacementof the prosthesis and patients to an even burdensome surgery.

10 July 2020

BCI joins Unismart, the community that promotes the technology transfer and innovation

Eighty-five highly specialized ventures including companies, research centers, and trade associations. Over 70 valued patents. A community where cross-contamination of ideas generates new business projects. A […]
10 July 2020

Interview with Alessandro Gandaglia – MIB Trieste School of Management

“My name is Alessandro Gandaglia and I’m the CEO of Biocompatibility Innovation. This video is in Italian, performed in 2018 as a testimonial for the Business […]
30 April 2020

Il G-Factor di BCI: la collaborazione con Fondazione Golinelli

Maggio 2019. C’è anche BCI, BioCompatibility Innovation, fra le prime startup innovative selezionate per far parte di G-Factor, il nuovo spazio della Fondazione Golinelli, inaugurato lo […]