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22 Novembre 2020

Interview to Alessandro Gandaglia, CEO of BCI (7 in punto, TelePadova)

A clear and complete explanation of the FACTA Technology emerged within the interview realized by TelePadova to Alessandro Gandaglia (CEO of BCI). Check the full interview:
28 Ottobre 2020

The history of BCI, the Italian startup that increase the duration of heart valves (Economy Magazine)

«The Italian startup BCI – BioCompatibility has developed a new technology which is able to double the duration of biological heart valves thanks to the implementation […]
27 Settembre 2020

Facta, BCI’s technology that doubles the life of heart valves (Caffè Europa, Rai Radio1)

In the interview with Caffè Europa, on Rai Radio 1, Alessandro Gandaglia, biologist and co-founder, together with Filippo Naso and Ugo Stefanelli, of BCI (BioCompatibility Innovation), […]
16 Agosto 2020

The Italian startup that doubles the lifecycle of heart valves (Fortune)

«Our company BCI has entered into negotiations with the two main industrial partners in the field of biological heart valves – in terms of sales volume» […]
15 Luglio 2020

Interview to Alessandro Gandaglia, CEO of BCI (Rai IsoRadio)

In the interview realized by Roberto Poletti for Rai IsoRadio, Alessandro Gandaglia (CEO of BCI) explains how his company was born and how they realized a […]