Quality Policy

Moving beyond the barriers that currently limit the full biocompatibility of biological medical devices in the cardiovascular field.

Our VISION states just this!

Our MISSION is to invent, develop, license innovative technologies and provide consultancy to make cardiovascular medical devices biocompatible, improving clinical management and quality of life for patients and contributing to lower healthcare costs.

This is our MISSION!

Biocompatibility Innovation srl has the ethical aim of supporting medical device manufacturers in the development of new technologies by improving their biocompatibility, with the objective of increasing patients' quality of life and limiting social costs for their clinical management.

The Biocompatibilty team consists of scientists and managers who want to put their knowledge at the service of the collective good. What we set out to do can only be achieved if we ensure that we guarantee:

  1. the people who work with us a pleasant company environment, adequate recognition for the work they do, and the possibility of professional growth;
  2. a constant competence updating to all our employees, also by encouraging participation in scientific and managerial conferences and meetings;
  3. the support of a network of qualified professionals, personally active in achieving the company's success;
  4. long-term financial solidity.

With the introduction of the ISO 55001 quality system, we seek to:

  • position ourselves as a solid partner/customer by demonstrating competence in the protection and safe management of third-party know-how by stimulating collaboration and business opportunities;
  • appear as a solid company in the eyes of its partners, able to enhance and protect internal know-how by increasing the company's credibility and value;
  • educate and protect employees in the management of company know-how, avoiding the risk of legal consequences derived by involuntary leakage of information deemed confidential.

We create innovative methods and systems and strive to protect their intellectual property also by filing patents in order to protect their value, while acting as dynamic and participating disseminators in the scientific community.

Continuous technical updating and constant dialogue with the scientific world make Biocompatibility Innovation able to grasp the requirements and needs of pharmaceutical companies and surgeons, and the entire management team is committed to meeting them.

Biocompatibility aims to identify the scientific and clinical areas on which to work in order to protect, with the implementation of a Quality Management System ISO 9001 and ISO 55001, its assets through an analysis of risks and opportunities, and is committed to the continuous improvement of the System.


Este, 6 October 2022